My Summer handbag essentials + WIN: a backpack from The Rebel! #giveaway

If you know me, you know how much I love backpacks. I find myself always grabbing one - especially in the summer.

They are so great to chuck all your items in, throw on your back, and be off on your summer adventures. They allow you to remain hands free, which I think is so essential when exploring on hot sunny days. I think they also make the best hand luggage bags, as they allow you to hold your passport, boarding pass and friend's hand when dashing through the airport in order to make your flight.

So today, I thought I'd show you this great competition UK Mag Comps are running with Cosmopolitan at the moment. You've got the chance (well, 2 chances) to win one of The Rebel's super stylish backpacks, as seen on Mimi Bouchard, Sarah Deniz and Nyane Lebajoa.

All you have to do is follow this link -

and answer the question! You'll be automatically entered for your chance to get your hands on this fab prize!

Make sure to also follow UK Mag Comps on twitter - @ukmagcomps and instagram - @ukmagcomps_ to keep up to date with their latest giveaways!

Now for my summer handbag essentials. I have 5 things that I feel are needed in any bag I decide to carry. I'm going to exclude the obvious (Phone, money/purse, keys, headphones) because they are a given. Fun fact actually, before I leave the house, I always say "phone, money, keys" to myself to ensure I don't leave without them, as they are so necessary.

1. A water bottle. There is nothing worse than heading out on a warm day without a drink. I always feel so on edge if I don't take one, it's like a comfort blanket. I don't even drink that much water (I should)

2. A hair brush. Whether it is because I need to shove my hair up when it gets too hot, or because it's got wet in a water fight and it's on the verge of going knotty, I will always carry a hair brush with me, rain or shine tbh. I hate the feeling of unbrushed hair so again being without one would be unsettling.

3. A lip balm. Some may see it as a winter essential, but I think it is important in the summer too. Lip care is for all year round, not just the colder months. Most lip balms have SPF which is great, as most people don't realize you can actually damage your lips pretty bad from the sun. I love carmex and Nivea. I actually have both in my bag.

4. A summery scent. At the moment, I'm carrying Primark's perfume in peach tea around with me as it's the most gorgeous light, fruity scent. It's something a little different but nothing too crazy. I also love the Zoella Lets Spritz from the Tutti Fruti collection - I usually wear that all summer long, and have done for the past few summers.

5. A pair of sunnies. Sunglasses are a love/hate thing of mine, but I understand the necessity for the summer months. I have some Tommy Hilfiger prescription ones, as I do wear glasses. That is one thing that urks me about wearing glasses. Prescription sunglasses are never as nice as regular ones, which makes me not want to wear them. But I don't mind the TH ones, they are better than any previous ones I have had.

Thanks so much for reading this post, and don't forget to head over and enter the amazing competition I mentioned earlier.

Bye for now,
Tamzin xxx

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